Ernest Merritt early American Physical Society movies, 1930-1934

Abstract/Description: Early movies from Ernest Merritt that include: 1) American Physical Society (APS) Ithaca meeting June 18-21, 1930; 2) picnic at Buttermilk Falls; 3) Sir William Bragg; 4) Making sound film of Sir William Bragg, Arthur Compton, Karl Compton; 5) Professor Pegram wins at tennis; 6) Physics picnic, 1932, Nichols, Merritt, Bedell (Physical Review established by Nichols in 1894 at Cornell. After its transfer to the Physical Society, was headed by Nichols, Merritt, then Bedell, from 1913 to 1922); 7) casting 200 inch Palomar mirror at Corning, 1934; 8) Cornell crew; shell moves more slowly while crew is pulling.
Subject(s): Bedell, Frederick, 1868-
Sir Bragg, William Lawrence, 1890-1971
Compton, Arthur Holly, 1892-1962
Compton, K. T. (Karl Taylor), 1887-1954
Merritt, Ernest, 1865-1948
Nichols, E. L. (Edward Leamington), 1854-1937
Pegram, George Braxton, 1876-1958
American Physical Society
Cornell University
Corning Glass Works
Date Issued: 1930