Akhiezer, Alexander Ilich on 1995 November-December: in Ukrainian.

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Abstract/Description: In this interview academician Akhiezer discusses his work at the Ukranian (later Kharkiv) Physico-Technical Institute of the Ukranian Academy of Sciences (1934-present); his acquaintance with Lev Landau in 1934; his successful passing of theoretical minimum examinations; scientist Lev Rozenkevitch, Isaak Pomeranchuk, and Fritz Hautermans; his first publications. Also describes teaching at the Ukrainian Physico-Technical institute, the Polytechnical Institute, and the University; the strike at the University; Landau's displacement to Moscow; Petr Kapitza, and Abram Ioffe. Akhiezer discusses his role as head of the Institute's theoretical department; gives summary of pre World War II investigations; witch hunting; F. Lange; World War II work, Laboratory #1 and participation in Soviet atomic project; electron accelerators; work at the Kurchatov Institute, university relations and pupils; Landau again, his illness and year in prison. Finally, Akhiezer's current investigations and life.
Subject(s): Akhiezer, A. I. (Aleksandr Ilʹich), 1911-2000
Houtermans, F. G. (Friedrich Georg), 1903-
Ioffe, A. F. (Abram Fedorovich), 1880-1960
Kapit︠s︡a, P. L. (Petr Leonidovich), 1894-1984
Landau, L. D. (Lev Davidovich), 1908-1968
Lange, F
Pomeranchuk, I. (Isaak), 1915-1966
Rozenkevich, Lev
Kharʹkovskiĭ fiziko-tekhnicheskiĭ institut
Kyïvsʹkyĭ politekhnichnyĭ instytut
Atomic bomb -- Soviet Union
Electron accelerators
Physicists -- Soviet Union
Physicists -- Ukraine
Physics -- Ukraine
Prison sentences
World War, 1939-1945 -- Soviet Union -- Science