Fryberger, David on 2021 May 13

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Abstract/Description: In this interview, David Fryberger discusses: childhood in Minnesota and Florida; Korean War service; studying experimental particle physics at the University of Chicago under Val Telegdi; muon X-ray experiments and the first experimental use of spark chambers; Bruce Winstein’s early work; using the “coffin magnet” in spectrometer experimentation; using feedback loops to automate muon decay experiment; early operations at SLAC; invention and patent of the touch panel; work with Arthur Rogers on baryon-antibaryon model for meson mass and structure; Mark I detector build with Burton Richter; role in the “November Revolution”; Ting and Richter’s discovery of the meson nuclear particle; innovations for the Mark I storage ring; Buford Price’s work and its influence on storage ring experiments and the SLAC Positron Electron Project (PEP); magnetic monopole search at PEP; collaboration with Price on PEP-2; technical details of his vorton theory papers and the vorton particle model; discussion of Blas Cabrera’s work with magnetic monopoles; ball lightning (BL) experiment at Languir Laboratory in NM; Erling Strand and Fryberger’s Hessdalen paper; problems with BL computer simulations; experiences working under Panofsky and Richter; cavity light (CL) phenomena and collaborations with JLAB on CL experimentation; small luminous object (MLO) behavior; physics beyond the Standard Model; collaborations with Michael Sullivan; magneticon phenomena; capability of finding and observing vortons; coining the term “vorton”; incompatibility of the vorton model with string theory; differences between experimental and theoretical physicists; Neil Weiner and inelastic dark matter scattering (iDM); current work on iDM model viability and magnetic hydrogen as a working hypothesis for a dark matter candidate; and thinking outside the box of the physics establishment. Toward the end of the interview, Fryberger reflects on his work at SLAC in a staff support position and his hopes to mount an experimental CL program post-COVID.
Subject(s): Fryberger, David
Telegdi, Val, 1922-2006